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FauxReal Flowers


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  • Raleigh 723 W. Johnson Street B-2 984-201-1919

FauxReal Flowers – Rent your Dream Flowers in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill

FauxReal Flowers is the real deal. Your guests might not even realize that these are fake wedding flowers. Even at the touch, these silk flowers feel exquisitely realistic. Co-owners Lisa and Amber saw the need for affordable wedding flowers in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill NC. And so, they launched FauxReal Flowers. Their Raleigh based business offers rent-and-return, real touch, custom faux flower arrangements for all occasions. Are you struggling with the cost of flowers for your wedding? Don’t stress! FauxReal has the solution and you’ll appreciate the savings is around 50% of a traditional florist cost. Unlike many flowers-for-rent, this is a high quality aesthetic.

This vendor is ideal for you if you care about having a wedding with lots of high-class decor and want to get twice as many flowers for your budget!

Custom create your dream look! Faux Real Flowers carries ALL flower types and colors year round. Unlike traditional florists who base their price on the flower type, FauxReal has set pricing based on the size of the arrangement, so you can get as many flowers as you like! Don’t cut your flower dreams short! Rent your flowers from FauxReal Flowers!

What to Expect from FauxReal Flowers 

Co-owners Lisa and Amber met years ago and bonded over the stress of planning Amber’s destination wedding and the costs associated with it. Flowers are one of the biggest expenses and they knew there had to be a more affordable, sustainable way to have beautiful flowers while not breaking the bank. Out of their shared experience came the desire to create a flower business to give couples more value to their flower budget. FauxReal uses the highest quality and finest materials they can find and encourage couples to make an appointment to come into the shop and see and FEEL the flowers for themselves. Here’s how it works:

1. ‘Start your proposal’ on their website to get a personalized quote on your flower rentals. Don’t forget to send inspirational photos and your wedding color palette to their email,

2. By either an appointment in their shop, Zoom or via email, they will work with you and your flower budget to create a perfect balance. 25% deposit to save your rentals for your wedding date.

3. Once the retainer is paid, they will work with you to customize your exact look and you’ll make the ‘flower recipe’ final approval! It’s that easy!

Arrangements will be created based on your finalized ‘flower recipe’ that you chose, so there’s no stress wondering what your flowers will look like on your wedding day. You will have already seen them! Enjoy your stress-free, hassle-free flower *rentals* from FauxReal!

Lisa and Amber are dedicated to their customers and look forward to bringing their vision to life!

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