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Barbecue & Bluegrass Fall Wedding Inspo in Downtown Durham

Fall Wedding Inspo at The Pit Authentic Barbecue in Downtown Durham, NC 

The Pit Authentic Barbecue restaurant in Raleigh and Durham is a family favorite. As you enter The Pit, the savory smell of whole hog slow roasting over charcoal and wood floods your senses. Other popular menu items at The Pit include their home-made mac n cheese and creamy mashed potatoes. It’s easy to understand why locals love to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings at The Pit! 

Located alongside Durham music hall Motorco, it’s not unusual to hear live music from The Pit’s outdoor seating areas. That sweet Southern combo of bluegrass music and barbecue inspired this styled wedding shoot. Local NC wedding vendors came together to create a “Boho Chic Bluegrass” styled wedding on the rooftop of The Pit. Hidden from street view, their private rooftop area gives you a unique view of downtown Durham. Planning your upcoming wedding rehearsal or dinner at The Pit will have your loved ones saying “Pass the barbecue sauce!” 

First Dance Bluegrass Music and Barbecue Catering Fall Wedding Inspo The Pit Durham NC Rooftop Wedding Venue Schulte
The Pit Authentic Barbecue Restaurant Entrance Empire Eats Catering Warehouse Wedding Venue Downtown Durham NC Schulte
The Pit Authentic Barbecue Sauce Empire Eats Catering Southern Wedding Food Fall Inspo Downtown Durham NC Schulte
The Pit Barbecue Restaurant Atmosphere Empire Eats Catering Downtown Durham NC Intimate Warehouse Wedding Venue Schulte

Fall Wedding Flower Inspo from The English Garden at The Pit Authentic Barbecue 

The historic, warehouse wedding venues of downtown Durham, NC are known and loved for their exposed brick walls and industrial beams. The factory interior of these venues, including The Pit, require beautiful bouquets of flowers to give them a more cheerful and inviting event atmosphere. The English Garden florist company are experts at designing floral arrangements to match any wedding venue style.

For Fall wedding flowers, we love the warm colors of orange poppies, burgundy peonies, and plum dahlias, to name a few! These Fall wedding bouquets designed by The English Garden are bursting with warm tones and rustic elegance. Blending with the authentic warehouse atmosphere of The Pit, bouquets of Fall wedding flowers look beautiful in repurposed vases. Old washed out oil cans, tin buckets, and beer growlers make for centerpieces with character. These warm Fall wedding flowers by English Garden pop against the rustic warehouse decor.   

Fall Wedding Flower Inspo by The English Garden Raleigh with Craft Beer Bottles The Pit in Downtown Durham NC Schulte
Bride and Groom Rooftop Wedding at The Pit Barbecue downtown Durham NC Fall Inspo Flowers by The English Garden Schulte
Bride and Groom Rustic Rooftop Kiss at The Pit Authentic Barbecue Warehouse Wedding Venue downtown Durham NC Schulte

Empire Eats Catering and The Pit Authentic Barbecue for Your NC Wedding 

The Pit Authentic Barbecue serves up traditional Southern cuisine and hospitality under the ceiling of a restored 7-Up bottling plant. Many of Durham’s warehouse wedding venues have similarly unique stories. North Carolina’s distinctly Southern culinary traditions are celebrated right alongside it’s historic architecture. The Pit prides itself on maintaining decades-old barbecue style for couples who wish to serve a traditionally prepared NC dish on their special day.

The Pit is a member of Empire Eats Catering, a famous food family that has served NC brides and grooms across the entire state. Empire Eats Catering group includes popular restaurants such as Raleigh Times, Gravy and Sitti. Empire Eats Catering will help you create a tailored menu with dishes from any of their restaurants for your wedding day. So no matter where you are hosting your wedding event, you can bite into a fork-full of classic NC barbecue.    

Bride Groom Orange Garage Door Wall Fall Wedding Inspo The English Garden Flowers Warehouse Venue The Pit Durham Schulte
Bride in Sexy White Lace Fall Wedding Dress Orange Garage Wall The Pit barbecue downtown Durham NC Fall Inspo Schulte
The Pit Authentic Barbecue Downtown Durham NC Warehouse Wedding Venue with Empire Eats Catering Schulte
Southern Wedding Sugar Cookies Pink Pig Icing The Pit Authentic Barbecue Downtown Durham NC Warehouse Venue Schulte
Bride Groom Fall Wedding Inspo The Pit Authentic Barbecue Downtown Durham Rooftop Event Space English Garden Flowers Schulte
Fall Wedding Inspo Bluegrass Music Barbecue The Pit Wedding Venue Downtown Durham NC Rooftop Event Space Schulte
Happy Bluegrass Music Banjo Player The Pit Authentic Barbecue Downtown Durham NC Wedding Venue Schulte
Bride Groom Kiss The Pit Authentic Barbecue Restaurant Bar in Downtown Durham NC Venue Fall Wedding Schulte
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