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Guide for the Groom: What to Wear on Your Wedding Day

Groom Suit and Tux Ideas: From Casual to Chic Wedding Day Looks

It’s time to talk fashion. And for once, we’re not talking about bridal gowns! Today we’re sharing a guide for groom suit and tux ideas. We’ll also cover some fun ideas for wedding ties, bow ties, and everything in-between.

Some of you may be asking yourselves, what is the difference between a suit and a tuxedo anyways? Or, how do I decide between a tie and a bow tie? Fear not. We’ve got all the bride and groom, two grooms, and groomsmen wedding day tips and inspiration you need. Get ready to see your sweetheart looking handsome and happy just in time for your wedding day!

Thank you to Bernard’s Formalwear for your tips!  Bernard’s has been serving Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill NC for decades. They carry the coolest casual wedding suits and most elegant tuxes. Grooms and groomsmen can rent or purchase from Bernard’s.

Groom Suit and Tux Wedding Planning 101

Don’t forget to have a line item for groom fashion in the timeline. Three to six months before the wedding, go shopping with your fiancee. Maybe you’ve already got your groom suit or tux ideas mapped out. If not, now it’s go time!

The most obvious starting point is to acknowledge when the wedding is taking place. The date will include important information regarding the time of year, as well as and the level of formality of the event. Next, consider other wedding elements – such as the color palette.

Matching Fashion for The Bride and Groom or Two Grooms

Consider details about the bride and bridesmaid dresses to make sure everyone will look perfect together. How formal are the bride and bridesmaids? What is the material of the wedding gown? In today’s day and age, your bride might not be wearing white, so check on her color tone. No need to see the dress before the big day if you ask the right questions!

Wedding looks for two grooms should also be planned together. We love seeing two strapping gents in matching formal tuxedos. Or as the couple below demonstrates, complementary tux jackets can make a major impact! 

In the end, the entire wedding party should tie together. The groomsmen ties might even match the bridesmaids gowns.

Groomsman in Gray Suit with Gingham High Cotton bowtie with Copper Moscow Mule Mug on Wedding Day

Groom Bow Tie Ideas

By far our favorite groom fashion trend of 2019 is the bold mixing and matching of colors, patterns, and fabrics. Gone are the days of only black and white suits and tuxes. Today, the groom and his groomsmen are permitted to be playful. Dapper neutral colors of grey, beige, and white have been joined by the jewel tones of burgundy, green, and gold. An entire spectrum of blues from deep, dark navy to bright, bold cobalt have danced onto the scene!

Really want to make a splash? Colorful and patterned ties and bow ties are all the rage. Try adding a floral skinny tie to your grey slim fit suit. Or a polka dot bow tie to your burgundy tux. As long as the colors don’t clash, you’re in the clear.

Be sure to visit Belk men’s store at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh. This incredible men’s formal wear department is designed to work with traditional and modern men’s dress suits!

Groomsman in Fun Seersucker Light Blue Striped Bow Tie and Navy Blue Suspenders on Wedding Day Photo by Jaime Blow

Groom Suit and Tux Fabric Ideas – For Your Summer Wedding

Modern day grooms have a plethora of options when it comes to selecting the fabric for their wedding day attire. Looking for something moody? Try velvet. Want to look fancy? Go satin. Dreaming of a pattern totally out of this world? Floral brocade. Bottom line, don’t freak out. Just like every other element going into your wedding day, there are professionals in men’s formal wear. Trust your wedding vendor and rest assured that they ready and eager to answer all of your questions regarding suits and tuxedos.  

Are you getting married in the summer and nervous about getting sweat stains? Seek out fabrics such as linen, seersucker, and chambray. Chambray is the newest fabric on the groom fashion trend list. The breathable woven cotton gives off a cool appearance of denim. You know your wedding date, and the season it resides in. Do not wear a hand-knitted wool suit in the summer, and stay away from seersucker if you’re planning a Christmas wedding at your family’s cabin in the mountains.

Groom Wedding Shoes, the Most Underrated Fashion Piece

Everyone knows that a fresh pair of shoes can steal the show. So grooms, don’t forget to pick out a pair of fly kicks for your wedding day! Make a statement with leather loafers, or some classic blue suede shoes. Want to dance the night away with the love of your life? Slip into a pair of high fashion street sneakers. Or try adding a colorful tassel or shoelace to your traditional shoe. Whatever your wedding day fashion choice may be, make sure you feel comfortable enough to ‘cha cha real smooth’.  

Black Leather Grooms Shoes Belt and Slim Burgundy Tie laid out J Parker Photography
PHOTOGRAPHER J Parker Photography

Suit or Tux?

Wait, you still don’t know the difference between a suit and a tux? The answer is simple. Satin! Traditionally, tuxedos have satin and suits don’t. In the past, men wore tuxedos with bow ties and suits with ties. However, it wouldn’t be wedding fashion if the trends stayed the same. We love that the traditional rules and trends surrounding grooms formal wear are changing everyday! In fact, women can wear suits and tuxes and men can wear gowns and heels. Whatever your wedding day fashion choice may be, the important thing is to look and feel fabulous!

Listen to Your Body, Pick a Suit or Tux Shape that Feels Right

Your partner loves you for who you are. Do not think for one second that you NEED to lose or gain weight before your wedding day. Focus on being the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. Find a suit or tuxedo that feels and looks good on your body. In the last few years an edgy, slim fitted look has become popular in men’s formalwear, however, it is not for everyone. If you want to rock the “ultra slim” fit, then great! But remember that the traditional, roomier suit fit, with the fuller pant look is just as dapper.

To Buy or to Rent, the Unavoidable Wedding Day Decision for the Groom

The ultimate deciding factor for whether you buy or rent your wedding day attire will be your budget. There is a wide price range for both rentals and purchases of suits and tuxes! Explore all of your options. Buying an outfit could be well worth the investment if the price is comparable to the rental.

The average tuxedo rental includes coat, pants, shirt, vest, neckwear, shoes, and cufflink set for close to $150 to around $190.

Keith Smith of Bernard’s Formalwear in Durham has increased their inventory to keep up with the trend of buying wedding tuxedos and suits. They have joined with a group of retailers on a line of menswear that will allow each member of the wedding party to either rent or purchase their wedding outfit. The new David Major label will be exclusive to formal wear stores in the member group. Look for these suave choices in black, light grey, and medium grey for the upcoming wedding season.

Even though grooms fashion trends get less attention in the world of weddings, that does not mean they are any less important. Every groom should look and feel amazing on their wedding day. Have any more questions regarding grooms fashion? Send us a message, we would love to hear!

For more groom fashion inspiration, check out the floral ties in a modern NC wedding here.

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