Wedding Videography FAQs

Your Wedding Videography Questions Answered

Photography and videography is how you’ll relive your wedding day in five, 10 or 30 years down the road. Let your future family walk down the aisle with you. Pre-wedding, ceremony, post-ceremony and reception shots will recap your big day. After the wedding, your videographer should provide a beautifully edited highlight video to share with others, as well as a full-length keepsake version. Book a videographer to capture and tell your wedding story in motion. Research local videographers and be sure to watch their highlight videos to find one who matches your aesthetic.

Aim to book your videographer 8-12 months prior to your wedding date. Average videography packages can vary between $1,800 and $7,000. Our recommended vendors,  Mark Maya Films & Photography, Arika Jordan Photography, Serrano Film Co. and The Axtells: Photography + Films also offer drone footage of your big day!

Why hire a wedding videographer?

Your wedding may be the only time all of your closest friends and family are in one place together. These special moments pass quickly on the wedding day and they’re too important to loose forever. There will surely be a thousand little moments that take place over the course of your wedding day that you’ll want to remember and relive again and again.

“Wedding videographers will capture the moments that couples forget happened. I’ve heard couples say, ‘I didn’t remember that moment,’ after watching their wedding film. It makes sense, because they were running around getting hitched! They weren’t remembering every little special moment. That’s what the videographer is for.” – Mark Maya

Your wedding videographer will capture things you didn’t even know took place at your wedding – like the reaction of your guests when you say your vows, or your partner getting ready. The value of capturing these moments forever is unmatched. Plus, having a wedding video that you can share with guests who weren’t able to attend your wedding is a special way for them to witness the event. Videography captures emotion and the tone of the wedding day even more than photography does.

Stephanie Axtell and Charles Axtell of The Axtells: Photography + Film have been capturing weddings together since 2016. The husband-and-wife team are pros at shooting weddings in tandem and helping couples feel comfortable in front of the camera by demonstrating poses themselves. Charles uses drones to shoot aerial footage and unique angles.

Dustin and Elyse of Serrano Film Co. are another husband-and-wife team who create masterful cinematography with an artful elegance. The Serranos work closely with couples and their planners to create custom videography packages to align with each couple’s individual needs.

The impact of wedding videography

Photographer Arika Jordan‘s airy, bright style translates to similarly bright, impactful videography. There really is no comparison for having professional, high-quality footage from your wedding day that you can return to time and time again.

“I love how I get to stitch together each piece of a film for my couples. And knowing it will take them back to those magical moments where they get to relive their special day. It is an emotional experience for me to create films for couples because I end up being very close friends with them on the wedding day.” – Mark Maya

Here’s an example of Mark Maya’s stunning videography! Mark captured both photography and video of Jennifer and Brandon’s wedding day in the mountains of North Carolina seamlessly. (Click here to see the entire wedding day.)

You can find a complete list of our recommended wedding videographers here

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