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Top 5 Must-Haves for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

Bridal Suite Prepping, Top 5 “Must-Haves” for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day From Kells Nouveau of Silverceiling Beauty Consulting

When you begin to plan your wedding, you typically start with the big things. The venue, dress, catering, etc. It isn’t until you get to the final details that you remember the morning of your wedding and getting ready in the bridal suite. Your “bridal suite” could be a luxury addition to your venue or a cozy space at home. Either way, you’ll want to prep this space for getting ready on your wedding day!  

With all of the excitement surrounding your big day, you start to wonder. How am I getting my coffee that morning? I bought cute robes for all my girls, where are we going to get those adorable bed photos? Am I supposed to wait until cocktail hour to grab a bite or should I send someone out for sandwiches? I know my girls are going to be hungry too! Not to mention, your hair and makeup is booked. But where are they going to set up? I hope the lighting in my getting ready room is sufficient for seamless makeup… 

Take a deep breath. We’ve got the answers!  Here are our Top 5 “Must-Haves” for picking out and prepping a bridal suite for your wedding day!

Bride in Turquoise Bridal Suite Blue Box Luxury Bridal Suites Silverceiling Beauty Consulting Hair and Makeup Getting Ready Room
THE BLUE BOX Luxury Bridal Suites | PHOTOGRAPHER VMA Studios

Pick a Bridal Suite with Good Lighting 

Good lighting is everything for your hair and makeup artists! You want to ensure that your getting ready room has sufficient lighting so that your hair and makeup looks perfect from every angle. Natural light is the most ideal and refreshing light for the morning of your wedding day. If this is not an option, make sure your venue provides additional lighting. Or ask your hair and makeup team to bring additional lighting for you. 

Consider the Size of Your Bridal Suite

Make sure you measure the size of your bridal suite to match your bridal party size! The last thing you want is for all of your girls to be on top of each other. On the chaotic morning of your wedding, you’ll want a spacious place to retreat and have some time to yourself. Keep in mind – part of your morning will include writing your vows and reading a letter from your husband to be. Quiet time is important for you! 

Blue Box Luxury Bridal Suite Getting Ready for Wedding Room Turquoise walls Beautiful Decor Beverages and Snacks VMA Studios
THE BLUE BOX Luxury Bridal Suites | PHOTOGRAPHER VMA Studios

Does Your Bridal Suite Have a Wedding Dress Display? 

Having a place to display your wedding dress is not always thought about, but is very important! There should be a designated place in your bridal suite (preferably with good lighting and framing) for you to hang your bridal gown. Not only is this must-have ideal for photos, it also sets the tone for your day. You will want to have a place to hang up and display your wedding dress so that it can be steamed and prepped.

Beauty Stations + Space in Your Bridal Suite 

Your wedding hair and makeup team doesn’t need an elaborate set up but they do need space. Make sure your bridal suite has places for hot tools, makeup palettes, and access to power. You’ll want to have lots of mirrors in your bridal suite! Designate an area where you can set up a mimosa bar and a place for breakfast. You can’t be happy and beautiful on your wedding day if you’re hungry!  

Bride Getting Ready in The Glass Box Luxury Bridal Suite Raleigh NC Looks at her Wedding Hair in Mirror Grain & Compass
VENUE The Glass Box | PHOTOGRAPHER Grain and Compass

Fill Your Bridal Suite with Beverages and Snacks

Some stand alone bridal suites will provide basics such as bottled water, juices, and other beverages. Be sure to ask about this! You need to stay hydrated for your big day, and mimosas are a must-have for you and your girls. Plan ahead for food. No one wants to have to run out and leave the fun! Check into restaurants that are willing to deliver and set up, and book this at least a week in advance. 

These top 5  “getting ready” tips for a seamless, stress-free, and fun wedding morning are from Kells Nouveau. Kells Nouveau is the owner of Silverceiling Beauty Consulting and Luxury Bridal Suites

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