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The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Countdown

Wedding Preparation: The Bridal Beauty Timeline 

By Chloe Williams 

Everyone wants to look their best for their wedding. This begins way in advance of your big day. If all you do is a single face mask the night before, you won’t get much of a result! As you prepare to begin the rest of your life, pick and choose from this wedding preparation bridal beauty timeline to create your own perfect routine. From fresh air to wedding hair, there’s plenty of tips to help spark your inner-beauty.

Wedding hair and makeup by Makeup for Your Day Raleigh NC Wedding Preparation Bridal Beauty Timeline f8 photo
HAIR & MAKEUP Makeup for Your Day | PHOTO f8 Photo Studios


Skincare Taking care of your skin is all about setting a regimen. Did you know that it takes at least a month for your skin to adjust to a product or routine? Start by picking a local spa for treatments during the six months leading up to your wedding. For a wide variety of acne treatments, oxygen facial treatments, and European facials, check out The Umstead Hotel and Spa or Bella Trio Day Spa. For a step up, there are a variety of non-surgical skin-care treatments such as peels, Botox, and even laser hair removal, at CARE Plastic Surgery in Cary. Bonus tip for life: protect your skin with plenty of sunscreen and hats! 

Mental Health Make sure you’re aware of how the stress of wedding planning is affecting you. Stress and a lack of sleep and proper exercise can all have a negative influence on your body. This is the time to begin consistent exercise routines with workouts that make you feel the most confident. Manage your screen time on a daily basis, and take a deep breath every time anxiety levels rise. Make a plan for how you’ll deal with that stress when it rears its head. Develop healthy habits as early as possible and you’ll glow when your big day arrives! And, treat yourself to an occasional massage for deep relaxation.


Makeup Practice wearing lipstick so that you can be comfortable wearing it on your wedding day! With glosses, mattes and shines, it can be a bit overwhelming, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to figure out which kind you like the best. Have you ever heard the adage, “If you’re on time, you’re late?” Figure out how much cushion time you need around your getting-ready time before the ceremony, and then add a little bit more.  You want to have plenty of time for some final bobby pins, a swipe of mascara, and a deep breath!

Skincare We all know what we’re like when we don’t get enough sleep: bags and circles under our eyes, breakouts and an inability to focus. Make sure you’re getting at least eight hours of shuteye the month leading up to your wedding so that your skin has plenty of time to repair itself. It will also give you a clear and sharp mind as the last details of your wedding fall into place. Drinking enough water has the same benefits – it can curb hunger, headaches and even help energize you when you’re tired!


Mental Health Make sure you’re taking some time to yourself before your wedding. Spend time doing what you love, especially if it’s spontaneous! Your phone will be blowing up with messages from excited friends and family – but technology does add to stress, so try to schedule some phone-free time to go on a walk – hopefully with your partner! Not only will it give you both some extra endorphins, but it will also literally give you a breath of fresh air and give your brain a rest from those notification pings.  

Hair Try and avoid using heat on your hair for (at least) a week leading up to your big day. It will give you healthier and shinier hair, and who could ask for anything better? Don’t wash your hair the day of the wedding, but choose instead to wash it the day before. You can also use your favorite hair mask to target whatever you prefer, whether it’s dryness, breakage, or coloring. No matter what you choose, you’ll definitely look amazing! 

Skin & Body Hair Final details such as nails, spray tans, and waxing, plucking, or threading should be left for the last few days before the wedding.

Wedding Preparation The Bridal Beauty Timeline Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill Spray Tan by Tansformation at Staycation
SPRAY TAN TANSformations | PHOTO Cor Photography

Wedding Preparation: Bridal Beauty Timeline – Best for Last 

One of our favorite local recommendations for the final touch is TANSformations – an amazing mobile spray tanning company that specializes in weddings. Owner Tiffany Peck comes directly to you, to deliver a natural and safe tan within the comfort of your home, apartment, or even hotel room! In addition to a hand-held machine and three-sided pop up tent, TANSformations also provides a pH balancing spray for the best moisturizing results. Worried that a spray tan will make you look orange? You can remove that thought from your mind, because orange is not a color that TANSformations carries in their toolkit. They are dedicated to providing NC brides with the most natural, safe and healthy spray tan possible. And if you’re a busy bee, you’ll be happy to know that the average appointment with TANSformations only takes around 15 minutes total, including set-up and breakdown.

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