7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Weekday Wedding

Did the pandemic postpone your big day? Weekday weddings are here to stay.

The pandemic has caused many couples to go back to the drawing board in terms of wedding planning. As a huge surge of weddings are rescheduled, those precious spring and summer weekend dates have gotten booked up in the blink of an eye. But have you considered tying the knot during the week? There can be huge advantages to having your wedding outside of the weekend. Here are five reasons why you should have a weekday wedding!

Should I Have a Weekday Wedding?

Let’s be clear – weekday weddings aren’t for every couple. But there are some real advantages to booking a Thursday, Friday or even Monday wedding. Here’s our reasons why weekday weddings can be wonderful!

1: There’s Less Competition For Venues on Weekdays. This fact is a no-brainer! You have a much better chance of securing the venue of your choice if you have your event during the week. With pandemic restrictions easing and many couples rushing to book their wedding that was postponed by COVID-19, it can be extremely hard to find the date and the venue you want. Don’t stress over waiting more than a year just to score that weekend date in spring or summer. It will be so much easier to schedule a weekday wedding at your preferred venue.

2: Weekday Weddings Keep Costs Low. Many venues, caterers and other vendors offer discounts for weekday events! They want to utilize their weekdays and serve more couples. Even hotels often have cheaper room blocks available during the week, so you’ll be helping your guests to save money, too!

3: A Weekday Wedding Means A More Intimate Setting. It’s just a fact that some of your guests may not be able to attend your weekday wedding. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! This could be a chance to have the intimate wedding you really want. It could also be an easy way to slim down your guest list. Make lemonade out of lemons and have a beautiful small gathering.

The Perks of Weekday Weddings

4: Weekday Weddings Offer More Flexibility. Many traditional weekend weddings have specific timelines they have to follow to accomodate venues or other vendors. Your weekday wedding can be as flexible as you like! Would you rather start the day off with brunch? Go for it. Want to have you ceremony later in the evening to give your guests time to get there? That’s perfectly fine, too. And if you party hard on Friday night, you’ll have two full days to recover. The possibilities really are endless!

5: Weekday Weddings Make Your Day Extra Special. Is there a special date that is significant for you or your soon-to-be spouse? Have you always imagined getting married on the same day that your parents did? Who says Saturday is the only day you can get married! Make your wedding day all the more special and get married on the date that feels right for you. Tying the knot on the day of your choice will lead to amazing memories for you, your spouse and your guests.

Weekday Wedding Tips from C and D Events

The amazing team from C and D Events have provided more insight on why you should have a weekday wedding during this pandemic. This wedding planning team, which grew from sisters Courtney and Dana, are experienced planning pros and provide custom packages ranging from full event management to partial planning. If you’re thinking of having a weekday wedding, they certainly have a plan to suit your needs!

6: Working From Home = More Time. Working from home has given people more flexibility when it comes to their weekdays and their work schedule. You and your guests can enjoy a relaxed wedding timeline. No need to rush from cocktail hour to the reception, or put a time limit on your photo shoot. Weekday weddings that allow for an all-day affair also mean that you can spend more time with your guests!

7: Should You Have a Monday Wedding Day? Monday can be a great option as your wedding day. If you have your wedding on a Monday evening, you can spend the weekend having fun with your guests! Holding wedding festivities during the weekend is also a great way to include guests who can’t make it during the week. An intimate wedding ceremony on a Monday is an amazing way to make sure everyone important in your life gets the chance to celebrate with you, especially if your venue has capacity limits.

So there you have it! Weekday weddings can offer so many benefits that you might not have considered! And you don’t have to be alone in your planning. Check out all of our preferred wedding planners here! You’ll be walking down the aisle during your weekday wedding in no time.

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